The internet is a media environment that is governed by its own laws.
The main differences between the internet and traditional forms of display advertising include the following:

A potential customer on the Internet is influenced by several factors simultaneously (such as by banner advertising, blogs, search engines, internet media, and so on). Moreover, the different factors interact with one another and produce an integrated effect.
The effect of online marketing becomes visible quickly, with new customers arriving as soon as the day after the launch of a marketing campaign.
Internet users instantly react to new events and readily share their impressions through blogs, public comments, and social networks. This reaction can be negative as well as positive, amplifying the effect of the advertising.

When developing your business or brand, it is very important to consider these qualities and select the right strategy for the online promotion of your site.
Our experience allows us to develop an effective promotional strategy for an internet project in any area and on any level of complexity, as well as design a development strategy perfectly tailored to your company.

The development of an online strategy provides answers to the following questions:

Which strategy of online promotion should we choose for your site?
How can we improve your brand’s recognition?
Where can we find the site’s target audience on the Web and who represents that target audience?
Which channels of online communication with the target audience are most effective for your business?
How can we increase online sales and maximize revenue using an internet marketing campaign?
What we do
The development of an online strategy consists of several stages:
Collecting information about the market and your product or brand: we help you look at your company and sales area through the eyes of the internet user.
Research of the site’s target audience: we analyze your target audience and assess how it is represented on the Web, what its preferences and characteristics are, and which channels of communication with it should be used.
Analysis of the competitive environment: we identify your main competitors on the Web and analyze their positioning strategy, their search engine visibility, their traffic, and the functionality of their sites.
Presentation of the results of our work. Based on the research results, we compose a document that includes:
An analytical report, which shows how your sales area is represented online, what your target audience looks like, and who your main competitors are.
Objectives and goals, which we formulate together with you, indicating specific criteria for evaluating their attainment.
The expected efficiency of using various communication channels online: blogs, videos, search engines, online media, media advertising, and much more.
A recommended internet strategy with practical suggestions for implementation.
Our advantages
Extensive experience in planning internet marketing strategies and developing strategies for site promotion that are specifically tailored for projects in different areas and having different levels of complexity;
An integrated approach: we use a large collection of online communication channels (from blogs and videos to banner advertising and search engines), and coordinate market conditions in each channel, in order to attain clients’ goals quickly and efficiently.
Utilization of proprietary technologies: services that define search engine visibility help us to collect precise information about a site’s search engine ranking, while technologies that manage pay-per-click advertising allow us to maintain expenses at an optimal level while increasing the conversion rate of visitors to sales.
Extensive network of partners: we collaborate with a variety of companies specializing in website promotion. Serving as the general contractor, we coordinate the activities of all our partners and are responsible for the quality of their work.
Transparency of our actions: when developing and implementing an internet strategy, we explain every step we take and inform you of what we plan to do, as well as regularly send you reports of our actions.
Reasonable rates: our pricing policy is transparent, and we always explain exactly how we spend our clients’ budget. Our rates are never based on a firm’s size: we make sure every client gets the best possible value from their budget.
Sharing knowledge: we work with our clients so they can independently achieve the strategy we develop together. Our specialists conduct seminars with clients and explain every element of strategic positioning on the Web.